Do you find yourself in these situations?

It's time for your tax return and you are sitting in front of all your paper work without knowing what to claim.

Or we are starting into a new tax year and you would like to know beforehand what to keep and to collect for your next tax return?

If the answer is "YES" than we would like to help you out. Our Forms and Tools can help you to get organised.

It is hard to know in the jungle of paperwork and bureaucracy what's really important for your next tax return. Our tax questionnaire gives you an overview about all the receipts you should file and all the information you should provide so that we can process your tax return in the most efficient way.

To use our Tax Kit would be the next step for you. Here it comes to more detailed information and the Kit gives us the possibility to get a deeper insight into all your financial issues to guarantee you an appropriate and correct tax return.

Our new Tool "What's important for you?" will help you to find out how you can achieve your goals in a better way and we are happy to support you with professional advice from us and all our partners. Curious? Read on to find out more.